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We released the first working Clash Royale Hack as an Online Generator. You can get tons of gems and gold for your chests, cards, etc. in game! It requires no download. Our team was developing for a very long time. Since the games release, we were working on a hack to make the game easier, and we made it! Enjoy the Hack!

Reasons to use our Hack

- Generate an unlimited amount of Gems.
- Generate an unlimited amount of Gold.
- Gain an advantage within the game.
- Regular script updates.
- Tested and undetectable.
- Update Announcements via Facebook.
- No download needed.
- Mobile phone and tablet support.

To promote our hack, we are currently offering gems and gold!


Unlimited Gems

Resources will be generated for this player

How To Use

    Download Clash Royale here for Android.

1. Enter your Clash Royale Username.
2. Select the amount of gems and gold you want to generate.
3. Select your Operating System.
4. Click Generate it
5. Lastly you have to verify that you are human.

NOTICE: If you have problems use our second generator.

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About Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a fast paced, card-based PvP game. You have to collect Clash troops, and use them to beat your opponent’s towers! This game is downloadable from any mobile play store you know. It has similarities to Clash of Clans, however this game is completely different than other games you may know as of card-based fights and infight elixir regeneration. It was released in 2016 by the Supercell team. Developers of Clash Royale announced on twitter that they might be releasing a desktop version of the game. In this case we will also work on a hack for the desktop version of this fantastic game.

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About Us

We, the Clash Royale Buddy team, are a group of programming students, whose aim is it to de-monetize all mobile games on the market, because we saw many kids and people in our age, who spent too much money on games like this and didn‘t grant any real advantages to the players. We will work on more hacks on other mobile games, too. Just like our facebook page, there will be further information about hacks/games we will release in the near future.